Attention: anyone wanting to grow their biz via IG...
The Secret Lead Gen Tool and IG Hashtag Method That Consistently Brings in Hundreds of Potential New Customers Every Day and Takes Less than 30 Minutes to Setup
Everyone is going online, and so should you.


It’s 2021—yes, a crazy year—but there couldn’t be a better time to make money online or move your business online.

Since March, there has been a massive shift in society to spend most of their time online.

Just take a look at these numbers:

From: Allie Reeves

Whats this mean for you?

The software and tools have gotten better and faster for YOU!

What if I told you that in just a few hours or LESS you could have leads coming in from targeted potential customers?

Are you a social media coach, influencer, solo-preneur, direct sales biz owner or blogger?

Honestly, you could be a roofer, boutique owner, real estate agent, or CPA.

This system works for any industry if you're wanting to grow FAST via social media.

Trust me, I have already used it to generate 6 figures in 2020 alone AND have made some of the most valuable connections for my business!

I’m going to show you a proven, repeatable system that anybody can use to grow their followers, leads and customers...

AND to immediately capture those leads and follow up with them. 

You only need these 2 things below!

  • #1 ​A software platform to capture your leads and follow up with them right away!
  • ​#2 The exact hashtags that you can use on your social media posts to attract the exact client you are trying to bring into your world.
You are 9 times more likely to close a lead if you respond to them in the first 5 minutes…
(Source: Hubspot) 

“Half of revenue is influenced by social selling in 14 common industries, including computer software, healthcare, and marketing and advertising.”

(Source: LinkedIn)

From: Allie Reeves

The Traffic and a Lead Generation System you've been praying for...

This system is taking people from only a handful of views on their posts to 
hundreds of views almost overnight.

Just take a look at this message I got the other day:

BEFORE Hashtag #LikeABoss

AFTER Hashtag #LikeABoss

I get messages like this every week and I want one from you!

I'm guessing your story is a lot like mine!

When I was first starting my business and learning how to grow my following, I felt like I was hitting roadblocks left and right.

I was determined to get my business off the ground, but I simply didn’t have the tools or knowledge to do it.

So I spent months researching.

What I found was mind blowing.

Hashtags ARE the key to being found (free advertising) 

but it's not enough just to throw them on a post and pray they work for you.

If you’ve been disappointed with your own hashtag results, it’s not your fault. 

Because, chances are, you’ve only been told half the story.

The secret to hashtag success is in how  you use them. Turns out, there’s a “right” way and a “wrong” way to use hashtags.

And if you use hashtags the “wrong” way, it doesn’t matter how good your list is..
you’ll still be left disappointed.

But when you use them the “right” way, some really cool stuff can happen…

(ESPECIALLY if you follow up with those leads with the lead gen. tool right away.)


The truth is that not too long ago, I couldn’t care less about the basics of Instagram….

Let’s call it what it is: tedious and BORING. How to post, when to post, what words to use in my captions,… and HASHTAGS?!

Don’t even get me started on how bored to tears I get when anyone mentions hashtags. HASHTAG #snoozefest am I right?!

But at the end of the day, there is one thing that I DID care about.. and that was that people were learning about my business and the products I worked so hard to create.

How I Knew I Was on to Something

I started posting using the new hashtag methods I had learned, and not long after I put them to use, I received an interesting DM.

It was from the founder of an up-and-coming investor-backed company that was getting ready to launch.

She said she loved what I was doing on my page and wanted to see if I could help them.
Now, I had no idea who this person was or who the company was. I wasn’t following them. They weren’t following me.

So I had to ask her how she found me. And what she said took a second to really hit me.

It blew me away. At that point I knew I was on to something big.

And since that day, a LOT has changed.

When I started using this method, I had less than a thousand followers. 

After using my signature hashtag method consistently as my main source of social media growth, I now have over 20 thousand followers who are interested in my products and my message.

My Social Media and blog are visited by thousands of people per month. And every day I have thousands of engagements on my websites and products.

I consistently have new leads for my business every single day. And I can proudly say that I finally have the right tools to follow up with them and turn them into customers.

In fact, earlier this year I did a launch to mostly my IG audience and generated $50,000 in revenue in just one week.

Eventually I had clients asking me to teach them how to grow their audiences effectively and I became determined to narrow down a process that was easy to learn and implement consistently over time...

I’ve read the books

I’ve taken the courses

Today my Instagram and blog is visited thousands of times per month.. I have thousands of engagements on my sites, products, links and new leads organically pouring in daily.

In fact, earlier this year I did a launch to mostly my Instagram audience and closed over $50,000 in revenue in a week!

That launch strategy is something we can talk about later over a glass of wine ;)

The point is, I wouldn't have had that level of engagement and revenue if it weren’t for the amount of targeted followers I had been attracting in in the months leading up to it.

And for that, I have HASHTAGS to thank!

Proper use of hashtags = FREE advertising = NO BRAINER.

When I started finally utilizing my hashtags effectively, I had less than 1,000 followers.

Now with almost 16k (TARGETED followers that are actually interested in what I sell) I can proudly say that I’m using the same hashtag strategy that I was using back at 1k.

When clients used to ask what I was doing or how I was doing it, at first I didn’t have an easy answer for them.
Fact of the matter is: trying to figure out hashtags for your specific business can be really frustrating.
In fact it was so frustrating I became determined to create an easier option- something that I wish I had when I started...

Introducing: Hashtag #LikeABoss

Here’s something most people don’t know: using hashtags the wrong way actually hurts your engagement and limits your growth.

But I can confidently say that after you complete this training, you won’t have to google any more articles, you won’t have to search YouTube and try to piece everything together, and most importantly, you won’t be running the risk of decreasing your engagement by using hashtags wrong:

  • You will have a community of like-minded women
  • ​You will be predictably growing your IG audience and brand
  • You will be attracting in real potential customers
  • ​You WILL have confidence in what you are doing
  • You will be able to track your growth and start seeing results within your first few posts
Best part:

When you grab this training...

You also receive...

The most up to date (as of Oct 19, 2020) thoroughly researched hashtag lists that include 14 categories and OVER 100 hashtag lists.

Below you'll see each category/list you'll get instant access to.
I truly couldn't make slaying your hashtag game easier for you.

Oh, I’m not done yet!

I learned something else incredibly valuable for my biz (the hard way)..
Building an audience is great.
It’s really, really important.
But social media channels are not designed to do the necessary tasks to help you grow your business.
For example, you can’t link it to an email service provider to stay in touch with your followers.
You can’t use it to charge for your products (for most industries). You can’t use it to create pages for your website.
And if you can’t do these things, then you're left doing it all yourself (massive time-suck) or never doing them at all (massive missed opportunities).

So, what do you do?
I'm excited to introduce you to an all-in-one lead generation AND follow-up tool called Online Sales Pro.
First thing's first: it's SUPER easy to use 🙌🏼
You can create landing-pages for your offer in as little as 5 minutes!
And before you ask: no, you don’t need to know how to code or anything like that. You just point, click and change whatever you want
It works with the best email marketing services on the market today like AWeber, Mailchimp and GetResponse.
They’ve got training videos for any question you will ever have.
And here’s the best part: They have a mobile app, so you can do it all from your phone in real time.

Here’s why that’s a big deal.

All the other similar systems out there today have to be used on an actual computer.
If you need to update anything on your website, you need a desktop. Want to see your leads? You need to use a desktop.
Not with Online Sales Pro.
Using their app, you can see your leads, your pages, and your affiliate pages.

You can even create quick replies for when someone signs up through one of your pages so you can follow-up with leads/future customers/team-members ASAP!!
It’s a one-stop-shop.

And if you’re anything like me—which I know you are—you’re busy and you have a LIFE outside of social media that you don't want to be taking too much time away from.

With Online Sales Pro, you don't have to always be running back to a computer and spreadsheet trying to keep track of people to follow-up with.

I’ve spent years researching, learning, trying, failing, trying again and succeeding with hashtags and other lead generation tricks and tools.

And while I’d do it again in a heartbeat, I WISH I had resources like this when I started.

Maybe I could’ve cut the time it took in half. Who knows?

But you won’t spend anywhere near the amount of time I have. You could probably get through this whole program and get your business humming over a weekend if you really wanted to.

And it would be worth every second.

Other courses like this sell for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

But don’t worry, you won’t pay that much.

Although, for everything that's included and what it could do for your business and life, it would be more than a fair investment!

And normally we would charge what we KNOW the course is really worth.

But for a limited time, if you invest in Hashtag #LikeaBoss today, you’ll only pay $97 to get everything set up.. and only $37 dollars a month for Online Sales Pro.

It’s an offer that truly can’t be beat!
So let’s go over EVERYTHING you get when you sign up today: 

With Hashtag #LikeABoss you'll get:
  • 100+ freshly updated, high performing, hashtag lists done for YOU! 😲
  • How to create multiple lists that attract in REAL customers + best practices for 2021
  • How to decide which population size-range is right for you
  • How to KEEP from getting shadow-banned
  • How to create solid lists that will last you for MONTHS
  • How to transfer them into a secret app that saves a ton of time
  • IG algorithm secrets they don't want us to know
And With Online Sales Pro You’ll Get:
  • A beautiful and high-converting landing page premade for you to use
  • Unlimited pages you can create in minutes WITHOUT having to know any coding
  • The Online Sales Pro App so you can communicate with your leads and help close deals faster
  • Hours of proven marketing training in your dashboard
  • 6 Secret bonuses including reports and videos

More Items you will Learn

  • How to best use different sets of hashtags
  • Hashtag list creating within an industry, niche, product/service, who you're targeting and location if applicable
  • The 30-hashtag rule
  • The most optimal place to post your hashtags, within your caption or in the first comment of the post
  • The one type of hashtag you MUST avoid or all others void

You Don’t Even Have to Make Your Decision Yet

Order Hashtag #LikeABoss and Online Sales Pro today risk FREE.

Take your time and go through ALL the training offered with both tools.

Put the training to USE so you can really get a feel for it.

Use the hashtags on your IG posts.

Use Online Sales Pro to create landing pages and follow up with leads.

Give yourself 6 months.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme—it’s not going to happen in two hours.

But I’ll be so bold to say that it’s not going to happen at all without these tools and trainings.

So, give it a shot—there is truly nothing to lose, because…

Once you’ve gone through all the trainings, if you don’t feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth, just let me know and I’ll give you a refund. No questions asked.

But I think KNOW as soon as you get started and see your first new followers, you’ll see that this program and tool have the potential to change your life… And you’ll come back to them again and again.

All that’s left is a choice.

One that could transform your life beyond anything you’ve ever imagined...

…Or keep doing the same ol’ thing and wondering if your business will ever get off the ground.

It’s up to you!
To your future success,

P.S. Do you want to spend years learning this stuff the hard way like I did? Or do you want to start growing your following and your business TODAY?

I think you already know the answer.

Why you need to use hashtags appropriately

One of my friends, who sells Rodan + Fields, secured her most profitable customer randomly last year because the lady ran out of a product, found my friend via #nashvillerandf hashtag, sent her a dm, was dazzled by my friend's eagerness to help and therefore remained her customer long after that first order was placed. 
Let's pretend that wasn't the longest run-on sentence in the history of the
world, because this isn't a lesson on writing.

This is a lesson on HASHTAGS.
And if you finally understand the business potential that lies within those
little pound signs, and you know you could use a little help learning how to
create lists that foster business potential rather than wastes your time..
Then you’ll definitely want to take part in this training.

Remind them of the scarcity. That waiting will have consequences.
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you will get answers to in Hashtag #LikeABoss

How many hashtags work the best per post?
How do you know if a hashtag is banned?
Can I copy/paste the same list(s) on all of my posts?
What hashtag population-range should I use for my audience size?
How do you do hashtag research to find new/more effective hashtags?
What happens if you accidentally used a banned hashtag?
Where is the best place to post hashtags? Within the caption or in the comments?
Should I have separate lists for each product/service I sell?
How do you know if you are getting followers from hashtags?
Should I add hashtags to my stories?
How many different hashtag lists should I have?
What’s the best hashtag app?
How often should I update my hashtag lists?
How do you know if hashtags are even working?
Are hashtags a waste of time?
Will there be a refund?
I am confident you’ll be so happy with what you learn in this training that a refund won’t even cross your mind.. BUT if it does, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
How long will I have access to this material?
Forever, amen!
Why are you selling your secrets?
My goal is to help thousands of women grow their businesses on social media with ease. If I can save someone several hours trying to figure out hashtags by offering the Hashtag #likeaboss solution, I’ve done my job!
How long until I see results?
Once you implement the practices I teach in this training you can (and probably will!) start seeing results with your very first post.
How long have I been in business?
I’ve been working in the social media space (managing social media accounts for other businesses) since 2013. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2016 with my own business!
What is the format of the course?
The actual training is under 2 hours long.
Do I get a workbook?
Do I have to watch at a certain time?
Nope- this is a self-study, so you can watch and implement whenever most convenient for you.
How much time is required?
The training is an hour and then you will want to create your new, awesome hashtag lists which will take you 30 minutes to an hour, on average.
What happens after this training ends?
You have the knowledge and skill to create your new hashtag lists.
What if i’m not good with technology? 
Although a basic knowledge of IG would be helpful, it’s not required since I show you exactly what to do, step-by-step in the Hashtag #likeaboss training.
What if i’m not good at IG?
See previous response. Also, this training is a step toward learning how to best utilize IG!
What if i’m already good at IG?
That’s great! Then this training will be a winning compliment to your existing IG skills!
Do I have to download additional apps?
Additional apps are not required to best utilize hashtags, however I do recommend one of my favorite (free) apps in this training that can save you some time moving forward if you wish to!
Is it safe to pay by cc online?
Of course! We use Stripe to process all transactions online
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